Roster Import from CSV or Excel - Roster Check-in

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We use KidCheck for our facilities childcare area for check-in which has been working wonderfully. We also run day camps (including a summer camp) where registration is completed on a different software. Would love the ability to import a roster list using CSV or Excel into Kidcheck's Roster Check-In Feature. From there it could allow staff to send account activation notices to the emails from the import to connect and set up their account, thus allowing for easy set-up for multiple rosters/weeks of camp. In addition, allow check-in and out to be completed without an activated account as long as they were on the roster so that it can still be utilized by staff who already have all of the parent/guardian and child information from a different software.
All of this together would help us provide an extremely smooth check-in and out process for our campers.

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Comments: 0