Admin Console Mobile App: Filter Lock

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My feature request is that you allow us to use the "filter" option BEFORE people are checked into that filter. As the director, I like to have everything set up in all the classrooms before my volunteers arrive. When I am setting up our tablets running the Admin Console App, I pull up the app and attempt to set the filters so each class only views their class.

I am unable to do that because the filter only allows me to "deselect" a classroom if someone is checked in. So, if left unfiltered, my 4's class will default to showing everyone on the preschool hall on their screen. I can only properly filter a classroom when someone from EACH classroom has checked in. SO, to properly filter the 4's class I have to wait until the infant, 1's, 2's, 3's and 5's have someone in their room. That is the WORST time for me to be running around trying to set their filters.
I would like to do that BEFORE the volunteers and children arrive so everything is ready to go.

Also our filters do no

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Comments: 0