Reports: Ability to print out child information in larger format (like a large name tag)

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Our volunteers who take care of babies need a whiteboard system similar to what you would see at a nurses' station – Child Name, Parent Name, Parent Phone Number, Child Check-in Time, Child Check-out Time, Nap Time, Bottle/Feeding Time, Diaper Change.
For children who regularly attend, this information would be standard for that child each week. For children who are guests or attend on a less frequent basis, we would have a blank template to be completed with a marker by parent and/or volunteer.
We need a way to print on a larger scale than the current sticky labels (11 x 17") so this information can be displayed in the child's room for our volunteers, many of whom are senior adults and are not tablet-savvy. (high-tech/low touch to low-tech/high-touch)
Please feel free to ask questions. Thank you for your consideration of this feature.

Under consideration Suggested by: Yvette Hunt Upvoted: 11 Jun, '20 Comments: 0

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