KidCheck Feature Requests

Your input, feedback, and ideas are important to us. We love to hear from our customers. Please vote for features listed below you'd like to see in KidCheck, or suggest new ideas you don't see on the list. This helps us deliver the features you are looking for the most. Thank you for using KidCheck. We appreciate your input.

Create a user manager level that includes check-in, people, and reports

We have several people on our team who use reports along with check-in and people but there is no option for them as a user without giving full administrative rights.
Suggested by: Debbie (14 Apr, '20) Upvoted: 26 Mar, '23 Comments: 4
Under consideration Worker Management

Auto check-out feature for workers

Add or adjust the auto check-out to include worker accounts.
Suggested by: Moderator (11 May, '20) Upvoted: 25 Oct, '20 Comments: 0
Under consideration Worker Management